Gloucester Rugby

  I really love going to Gloucester Rugby. It is really fun there, especially when Gloucester win. Also the food we have is delicious, like hot dogs, burgers and chips 🙂.

The first time I went there Gloucester was playing against Sale and Gloucester won, but I have forgotten what the score was. The next time, Gloucester lost against Sale Sharks 20 – 16 😦 . The third time (and this was a lucky one) Gloucester won against Northampton. We actually thought that Gloucester was going to lose, but they scored a lucky penalty at the end and won. The next home match Gloucester lost unfortunately against Exeter.  If it wasn’t for the try that Exeter got in the last few minutes, they wouldn’t have overtaken Gloucester, so we could have won.

I hope I go again soon. I think Gloucester are going to win next time. 


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For my 10th birthday, I went to London. While I was there, I went on the London Eye 🙂 . When we were at the top, it was so high that we could see all the famous landmarks from up above. I had never been that high before 😮 . I had so much fun and took a lot of pictures
🙂 . I stayed in the Crown Hotel. It  was very posh and we went to cafes for meals. They were tasty 🙂 .We kept seeing Big Ben again and again. We went on the underground and before we went home, we went to the Science museum and the Natural History museum. I would love to come back to London again and this time I would like to go on Tower Bridge and look in the Tower of London.

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My first day back at school.

On my first day back at school, I moved into year 6 and there were some changes. I became a road safety officer, we had a vote in the school council and I am the oldest and tallest pupil in the school. Also, our break time has been moved from 11 o clock to 10.45 am, which is great for me 🙂 because I don’t have to wait so long for break. On the other hand, I do have to wait a long time for lunchtime, which is bad for me. We have some new clubs that go from 3.15 pm – 4.15 pm, I really wanted to go to the art club one (on Monday), but I have to go to my piano lessons which makes me feel sad 😦 , but if Mum moves my piano lessons, I can go to the school art club, so I’m happy 🙂 .

I will enjoy being in year 6 , because there are loads of fun thing to do.

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Snow day.

Snow day.

It snowed a lot in January. We had so much fun building snowmen, making snow angels and sledging down hills.

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My Favourite Books.

I like listening to audiobooks and these are some of my favourite.

  • Ratburger
  • Gangsta Granny
  • Billionaire Boy
  • Mr Stink

I like David Walliams books because they are funny.

Spoiler Alert: My favourite part in ‘Ratburger’ was the fight at the end when Bert and Sheila got turned into burgers. The chapter that was my favourite in ‘Gangsta Granny’, was  when Ben and Granny did the robbery.  They had to climb up a sewer pipe that led into the Tower of London and Ben found a rat on his head.    The best chapter in ‘Billionaire Boy’ was when Joe ran away from his Dad and the funniest part in ‘Mr Stink’ was when Chloe’s Mother and Mr Stink were on Question Time.

I have listened to all the David Walliams audiobooks except ‘The Boy in the Dress’.

I also like listening to Jeremy Strong books and these are my favourite.

  • The Hundred Mile an Hour Dog
  • The Invasion of the Christmas puddings
  • There’s a Viking in My Bed

I like Jeremy Strong books because they have an adventure and they are funny.


I recommend both of these authors if you are looking for funny books.

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